Seconds From Ordering To Eating Pizza


Little Caesars Pizza is making it easier for customers to purchase the kind of pizza that they want without interacting with employees. This is a step forward for those who don’t do well with speaking to others when they place an order for food. The new system is being unveiled in restaurants in Arizona as of August 7, 2017. If it’s received well by customers, then the system will likely be put in all stores.

The concept of the machine is simple. Customers would approach a machine to get the pizza that they want. They would then skip standing in line and pay for their pizza using a machine similar to an ATM. There is one thing to keep in mind about the ordering system. You need to download an app that will allow you to place an order on your mobile device before picking it up at the store. After your food is ordered, you’ll get a code that will then be entered into the machine at the store. You can also scan the code. A self-service box is opened after the code is entered so that you can get the pizza you ordered. The app allows you to pay for the order online or at the store.

It only takes a few moments to enter or scan the code, which will hopefully decrease the wait times in restaurants. This is a system that has been designed so that it’s convenient for the employees and the customers. Employees can focus on making the products better, and employees are able to quickly get a meal and get home to enjoy their food. The goal is to save money for the company once the system is in place in more stores across the country. Many other stores across the United States are beginning to implement similar systems.


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