Oropouche Fever in Brazil


Brazil is facing a new threat known as the Oropouche fever. Prior to this threat, the country has dealt with yellow fever and Zika Virus in the last few months. In the past, this fever has been experienced in the Amazon region touching a number of countries such as Panama, Peru and Brazil. The fever has also been experienced on a number of islands in the Caribbean. According to scientists from the region, the virus was first noted in 1955 in Trinidad and Tobago. The virus takes its name from a river in Tobago. This fever is not restricted in the rural areas only as it has been reported in urban areas in Brazil. Notable places include the northeast region of Brazil where Zika incidences have also been reported. According to experts, this fever is similar to dengue in terms of symptoms. Some of the well-known symptoms of the Oropouche fever include malaise, nausea, joint pain as well as headaches. High fever is also another symptom of the fever. However, it’s important to note that the disease has no vaccine. At the same time, Oropouche is not fatal. The only problem is when the disease reaches the spinal fluid. It damages the brain stem causing meningitis.

The disease is spread through a bite of Culicoides Paraensis that can be found in a variety of places ranging from Wisconsin to Argentina. These insects are smaller than mosquitoes and cause itching when they bite. At the same time, they are known to cause some bumps on the skin. The Sao Paolo Research Foundation in collaboration with the American Disease Alert News Services released a report warning the public about the disease. In the statement, the two entities said that the disease had a potential of becoming a health problem in the South American nation. The Brazilian media has also embarked on a mission of educating the public about the disease. For instance, the media has quoted Dr. Figueiredo, a doctor who specializes in the disease warning the public that the disease can be spread through Aedes Egypt. For starters, the Aedes Aegypti is a dangerous mosquito that is known to inhabit slums in urban Brazil. According to scientists, this mosquito is associated with a number of infections such as yellow fever, dengue, Zika as well as Chikungunya. Scientists also claim that the Oropouche virus can also be found in Aedes and Culex Mosquitoes. These are species common in the Amazon.


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