Honey Birdette Takes A Stand For Equal Rights


A recent flash mob event by the employees of Honey Birdette, a lingerie company in Australia, has sparked controversy and a show of support by those who have seen videos of what happened. The reason behind the march that started at Pitt Street Mall and ended at Martin Place is marriage equality. Employees and the owner of Honey Birdette want people in Australia and around the world to understand that marriage should be free and equal for all depending on their choice and not by something that a government dictates.

The women who walked in the flash mob event wore lingerie that is sold by the company. They also carried large signs with messages about marriage equality along with megaphones in order to get their point across. However, the flash mob wasn’t violent in any way. The women simply wanted to make a point and voice their opinions in the hopes that someone would listen to what they had to say.

There were a few goals that Honey Birdette had for the event. One was to celebrate the equality that women have and to assist in empowering women. Another goal was to fight for the equality that women deserve in every aspect of life. The women marching wanted everyone, especially young people, to understand the political process and to get involved with decisions that are made. Honey Birdette wants people to see that it doesn’t take violence in order to make a point. All it takes is someone willing to deliver a message and other people who are willing to listen.

One of the things that Honey Birdette wants everyone to know is that the flash mob wasn’t meant to be a violent act or a protest. The event was streamed live on Facebook and other social media sources. This is when the event started to get a bit controversial. Many people watched the video of the women marching and started sending messages to the founder of the company, Eloise Monaghan. Some of the messages and comments under the video stream were negative. People wanted to know why marriage should be equal for all and why the women wore lingerie while marching. The act of wearing lingerie seemed to only attract unwanted attention by men and women instead of making a point.

There were other people who sent positive messages to Honey Birdette. They offered their love and support for a group of people who weren’t yelling or screaming on the streets and who weren’t trying to commit any acts of violence in order to get a message across to others. The founder of the company could have removed the negative comments, but she decided to leave them in place so that people could read the thoughts and views that the company wants to change. The event started because someone entered the store and made a comment about a poster of a woman in lingerie on the wall of a store. The store was then vandalized. Honey Birdette has made it known through the flash mob that women and businesses shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for their beliefs.


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