Google Dominance in the Search Engine Industry


Did you know that on a normal day Google has to deal with over three billion queries? This, on the other hand, has led to Google tracking what we search online, what we buy and even our privacy. Google even keeps track of your physical location. Businesses wishing to enter the consumer market know that they have to go through Google. At the moment, when it comes to the search advertising business, it is believed that Google owns 90 percent of the share. Their near competitor is Bing from Microsoft. Google dominance in the search advertising industry is total monopoly. We just live in Google’s world, and we have to adapt to it. However, this means that everything that happens in Google world matters. Whoever they hire is our business, so is who they fire and reasons why he was fired. An expert in business recently said that when a company is successful in a certain industry, it should be able to set standards and tone for the entire industry. The expert gives a case scenario of a time when he was working for Merrill Lynch in 1985. Back then, Merrill Lynch used to be the dominant company in mergers and acquisitions.

The expert mentions that he would attend meetings in Beverly Hills at 5 am. He used to meet with Drexel Burnham Lambert. The expert had to take these meetings because Mike Milken demanded. However, this was due to the fact that most officials would not be available once trading began at 6 am. Back then, everybody was terrified that what they had worked hard to achieve would be taken by Drexel. During that time, Drexel would even catch the attention of politicians who were seeking his counsel. Drexel and Milken established a legacy for what they did. However, few people know these gentlemen because they flew close to the sun making mistakes in the process. The importance of this story is to teach us that companies like this no longer make great fortunes. Instead, the fortunes have been left to companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. If you are keen to look into the details, you will realize that Google is the only company that can make rules that the others must abide by. This is why Google has the audacity to fire a software engineer who wrote a memo mimicking the company’s policy on gender. The chief executive of the company mentioned that part of the memo went against the company’s code of conduct.


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