Apple, Facebook and Google to Invest in Television Industry


Whenever you hear someone mention Apple, Google and Facebook must be around the corner. These are undeniably the biggest digital giants in the United States. Just recently, Apple announced that they had set aside $1 billion to boost programming. On their part, Facebook responded that they would be willing to create a product that resembles the Scandal, only that it would be according to their description. Google then made things interesting by saying that they were willing to sponsor a drama and had the capability of parting with $3 million per episode. This should serve as warning shots to Amazon and Netflix. With such intentions, their five-year dominance in a television landscape that they have controlled for the last five-year might end. This move will serve to intensify competition in a hyper-competitive industry. This year alone, it’s estimated that over 500 scripted TV shows will be released. Six years ago, only a half of such shows were produced. Signs that the cable industry is stagnating have been made real by the announcement by WGN A&E that they are leaving the scripted business. However, this should not worry interesting parties as the entry of Google, Apple and Facebook will ensure that the volumes continue to expand.

This is a move that has been welcomed by Hollywood, a clear sign that they look forward to spending more tech money. Chief business officer of YouTube Robert Kyncl mentioned that competition and innovation would improve with the entry of the new players. In a field that Microsoft and Yahoo have failed, some people have opted for the believe when we see tactic. With the cost that comes with scripted television, interested parties ought to be damn serious. There are some things that make it expensive. For instance, shooting on location is quite expensive, so is the insurance covers for actors and everyone else involved. This is an investment that requires a lot of patience for the return of investment. The three companies should also be wary of the race that is involved in this industry. Companies are always poaching for content with the recent poaching of Shonda Rhimes by Netflix from ABC. ABC is a parent company of Disney. Disney has signaled an intention of offering their streaming services. The company that poses more threat is Apple due to its willingness to invest as well as their wealth. The recent poaching of Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht should signal intent for Apple to dominate.


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