Apple CEO Tim Cook bullish about India

Apple CEO, Tim Cook

India is being considered a huge market for Apple and Cupertino’s increased attention to the world’s largest democracy has made it clear time and again.

In his latest view, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he is very “bullish” and “optimistic” about India and they are channeling all of their “energies” to expand footprint.

“We are investing in India…we’ve already launched an app accelerator center. That’s on top of working with the channel and looking at expanding our go-to-market in general,” Cook said during the company’s third quarter earnings call yesterday.

In response to a question on the company’s thoughts about India, Cook said Apple has begun to produce the iPhone SE in India during the quarter and “we’re really happy with how that’s going”.

“And so we’re bringing all of our energies to bear there…And so I’m very, very bullish and very, very optimistic about India,” he said.

Cook said he sees a lot of similarities between where the Indian market is now and where China was several years ago.

Apple had in May said that it began initial production of a “small number” of iPhone SE in Bengaluru and would start shipping to domestic customers. The Karnataka government had in February announced Apple’s proposal to commence initial manufacturing operations in Bengaluru. The phones will be manufactured by Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM for Apple.


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